Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Services

Being paid on time is important for cashflow and to enable your business to grow. Let us help you get that running smoothly.

Accounts receivable refers to the money customers owe your business. This is what you invoice out to your customers and how you know what is owed to you.

Sheils Bookkeeping Service can provide you with a list of outstanding invoices, organise payment reminders for invoices nearing the due date, send out statements, and put your customers on credit hold if they go over their credit limit. We can also contact your customers if they are not paying on time and chase consistently late payers.

Benefits of using our Accounts Receivable Services

Modern accounting software such as Xero enables us to set up your invoicing so it runs like clockwork. We can organise payment reminders for invoices nearing the due date. This saves you time and the hassle of chasing payments. 

The benefits of using Sheils Bookkeeping Service to do your invoicing include:

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The difference between Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Accounts receivable is money your business is owed from your customers. These can also be called current assets.

The accounts payable are the monies owed to your suppliers, ie. The bills you need to pay for buying raw materials or services. These are referred to as current liabilities.

Accounts receivable creates cash flowing in, whereas accounts payable creates cash outflow.  Knowing your cashflow position is important for making investment and financial decisions, and to decide what bills need to be paid and when.

Accounts Receivable System​

There are many ways to handle the accounts receivable system:

Some businesses invoice from a different package and load a monthly figure to their system for reporting purposes.

Other businesses invoice through their accounting package such as Xero.  This method can also be achieved by using the software’s mobile app. This is great for trades as they can accept payment on the spot.

It is essential to have your contact details etc. on your invoices and statements.  That way, if your customer has a query that needs to be addressed, they can contact you as quickly as possible, ensuring faster payment.

Once your bank account has been reconciled, you will know at a glance how much is owed to you and what is overdue.

Most accounting software allows for reminder invoices to be sent automatically. This is helpful and even better if you are up to date with your reconciliations. If you are not, then you will be sending out reminders which are not required.

Sheils Bookkeeping Service can streamline all of this for you.

Why choose Sheils Bookkeeping Service for your accounts receivable requirements?

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Client Reviews

Laurelle Halford
Laurelle Halford
Sheila and her team are amazing, so responsive and personable. I can ask any dumb question and they have great advice. As a business owner I feel safe and comfortable in their hands.
Minuteman Press Mitcham
Minuteman Press Mitcham
We've been using Sheils for the last couple of years and could not be happier. Super diligent work, very easy to talk to and always there to answer anything we need to make the right business decisions.
Peter Blasch
Peter Blasch
I have known Sheila from Sheils Bookkeeping Service for many years. In this time Sheila has always displayed a high degree of professionalism and authority in the service she provides. I would highly recommend her to Business owners who are looking to get a quality Bookkeeper . Peter at Maverick Mentoring For Business
Katrina Mitropoulos
Katrina Mitropoulos
Sheils has been amazing to deal with for our small family business bookkeeping needs, very approachable, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Sheils to any small or large business that requires book keeping, her attention to detail is exceptional and her costs are reasonable.
Jodi Crocker
Jodi Crocker
I highly recommend Sheils for your bookkeeping needs. I entrust her with my three different businesses and find her an excellent, reliable and experienced resource. She is approaches all requests with patience and diligence which I find a great asset as we navigate around layers and questions concerning wages, rates, etc. She is a delight.
Ashley Hann
Ashley Hann
For me to highly recommend Sheils would be an understatement. Attention to detail, Care for Me, my Business, my Team are just the start of the qualities that Sheils brings to my life, my Business. I have other business associates complimenting the work of Sheils, which is a credit to Sheils attention to the work. Ashley G. Hann
Craig Arrowsmith
Craig Arrowsmith
We have used Sheils for many years. Her expertise and professionalism has streamlined the way we handle our accounting and saved us both time and money. Highly recommend.